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rsObjectsInPath – GitHub

rsObjectsInPath – Documentation

This tool allows to duplicate objects and distribute them uniformly on a path.
With this tool, you can select 3 basic object types (Empty Group, Locator & Joint) or a scene object and the number of times they will be duplicated.
It has several options: to mantain position or orientantion constrain, keep the global orientation and hierarchy new objects.

This tool can also be used to modelling.
You can also duplicate a scene object in a path, specifying if you want to create a duplicate or an instance. When the scene object is a curve type it allows to create a loft (poligonal or nurbs) and if you are using an instance you can modify the original object to affect the instances.

rsObjectsInPath from Rig Studio on Vimeo.

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rsSubstituteAttribute – GitHub

rsSubstituteAttribute – Documentation

This tool allows to clone attributes between objects, or move connections between two parameters.
You can do this using the interface or through scripting.
All types of native Maya Attributes are supported.

Scripting Syntax
rsSubsAttributeCmd( [Source_parameter, [Target_object], [delete=Boolean]);

rsSubstituteAttributes from Rig Studio on Vimeo.

Autodesk Softimage Tool (285 downloads )

rsNonLinearShape – GitHub

The shape animation produces a linear interpolation.
With this tool you can create non linear shapes.
This tool creates an ICE tree to manage the shape information. It is possible to add several non linear shapes to the same object.
This tool is inspired on a procedure of Paul smith(Arrays / Bézier  Shape sequence –

rsNonLinearShape from Rig Studio on Vimeo.

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rsEditAttributes – GitHub

This tool allows to perform all Edit Attribute menu functions and more.

Extra functions

  • Set Default: You can change the attribute default values.
  • Del Attribute: It allows to delete attributes, checking before whether they have connections.
  • Add Separator: You can create attributes to be used as separators.
  • Rearrange: It allows to reorder the visible attributes in your channel box.

rsEditAttributes from Rig Studio on Vimeo.

Update V1.3
Bug Fixed: Compatible with Maya 2015.

Update V1.2
Bug Fixed: when I enable minimum/maximum values they are all zeroed out in the channel box.

Update V1.1
Bug Fixed: The tool crashes when it tries to delete a parameter which is connected to a locked parameter.

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rsResetAttributes – GitHub

This tool allows to reset the animable parametrers to default values or assigns a new value to reset them. You can reset your character controls or set your character in a new initial pose.
This plugin contains 2 commands:
rsReset() – Resets the animable parameters to default values. Located in MainMenu/Modify.
rsSetReset() – Saves the parameter value if it has not default value. Located in MainMenu/Character.

you can use those commands with selected objects or arguments.
rsReset(“locator1″, “locator2″) – Resets mentioned objects.
rsSetReset(“locator1″, “locator2″) – Sets mentioned objects.
If the mentioned objects don´t exist, a warning message is returned.

rsResetAttributes from Rig Studio on Vimeo.

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rsCreateBondingVolume – GitHub

rsCreateBoundingVolume – Documentation here

This tool allows the creation of bounding volume objects through a selection. You can define if the new objects acquire the original transformations. You can create only one object with a multiple selection, or you can create one new object for each object in selection. It is also posible to create new objects with a subcomponent selection. With a polymesh subcomponent selection, you can create one new object for each subcomponent island.

rsCreateBoundingVolume from Rig Studio on Vimeo.